The Caldwell Family Van

This beauty was built for a 1 year road trip around the USA for a family of 4. It has a hidden bed and all of the amenities. You can follow there adventures @TommyCaldwell and @BeccaJCaldwell


Her name is “Francis Ford Campola”

She’s a 2009 Ford E-150, with a high top conversion. She spent her first chapter in life working as a medical transport vehicle. That was until we snatched her up and asked our friends at @run_away_van to give her a makeover. Now she’s our little cabin on wheels and we’re excited to spend our next years adventuring with her! Click here for more full post by Noel.


We just hit our stride with this van. She has everything you need and nothing you don't. It is a comfortable van, that just works. Such a fun build!

Bianca the campervan

I had not seen my cousin in a long time, in fact, we had really only hung out a few times in our entire lives. He grew up in Saipan, a tiny island in the south pacific, and I grew up in Colorado, on a small farm. Learn more -->

Herbert VanVanigan

Meet Herbert VanVanigan, a 2008 Chevy Express with 135,000 miles (and counting!). Herbert is a beast. Since leaving a busy commercial career in June 2017 to go full explorer van, he already conquered a 3,000 mile journey–including two passes over the Rocky Mountains–even before officially starting the Shevanigans Adventure! Learn More -->

Vinny the Van

The story of how this van came to be is a little crazy. For me, I didn't chose the van. The van chose me. Learn more -->

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