Vinny the Van

The story of how this van came to be is a little crazy. For me, I didn't chose the van. The van chose me. Learn more -->

Bianca the campervan

I had not seen my cousin in a long time, in fact, we had really only hung out a few times in our entire lives. He grew up in Saipan, a tiny island in the south pacific, and I grew up in Colorado, on a small farm. Learn more -->

Herbert VanVanigan

Meet Herbert VanVanigan, a 2008 Chevy Express with 135,000 miles (and counting!). Herbert is a beast. Since leaving a busy commercial career in June 2017 to go full explorer van, he already conquered a 3,000 mile journey–including two passes over the Rocky Mountains–even before officially starting the Shevanigans Adventure! Learn More -->